Acquisition of Vetserve & Sanimalis

October 07, 2019

Nordhealth is long-term private company owned and managed by Charles MacBain, Janne Huttunen, Olli Venemies and other members of the management team. We currently have over 140 employees and have offices in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK and USA.

Our mission is to redefine digital healthcare, by creating intuitive veterinary and therapy practice management software that simplifies complexity, helping our users to improve patient care, improve their customer experience inside and outside clinics and increase efficiency through automation and integration.

Today, the software landscape has changed. Large investments are required to keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of technological change and migration to cloud. Small local practice management software companies do not have the resources to keep up with the large investments in product development to keep up and it becomes increasingly expensive to support legacy software.

To give you an idea of the scale of product development, our product teams will spend over 2.5M€ on product development per year. We concluded that we have a duty to our users and end-customers to increase our scale to be able to provide them with spectacular products, even if it means we have to raise prices upfront to finance this shift.

To achieve greater scale, we are conducting a dual strategy:

  • Grow organically, expanding one country after another.
  • Acquire practice management systems that can help us accelerate our product localization and bring on board a strong local team.

We acquired Vetserve and Sanimalis to help expand our products and operations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and to gain great new team members. Many Swedish, Norwegian and Danish clinics do not yet know us and change always breeds uncertainty so let me clarify our plan.

  • We will continue to support Vetserve, Sanimalis and Trofast for the medium term.
  • Focus on providing a high-level of customer service and support.
  • Collaborate with our new partners to add all the great features that you love about Vetserve, Sanimalis and Trofast into Provet Cloud.

We hope to gain the trust of our customers through our actions and through each and every interaction. We look forward to hearing your feedback to help us improve our service and products for your benefit.

Best regards,

Charles MacBain
Chief Executive Officer, Nordhealth

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