We’re not your traditional healthcare software provider. For starters, we have strong Nordic roots. That drives us to challenge the status quo with modern design thinking and innovation.

About Nordhealth as a company

We’re all problem solvers at heart and love to get our teeth into new challenges regardless of complexity. But we don’t just build our own software, we also acquire others. We’ve been doing this since 2001 and we’re now the leading healthcare software provider in the Nordics.

Over 30 thousand healthcare professionals around the world use our software. This means that we affect over 20 million patients, a number that is growing daily. We’re immensely proud to make a change at this scale.

You’re probably wondering what the secret is behind consistent delivery and sustained growth? Long days, too many coffees and frayed nerves? That's not how we do things.

In the Nordics, there’s a saying “the morning is wiser than the evening.” It means if you’re not sure, sleep on it. Sounds simple but it holds a lot of wisdom. It’s how we remain at the sharp end of digital healthcare. We’re efficient and driven, but understand that big decisions require time and refined thought.

Our mission is to redefine digital healthcare.

Our values

With every ambition, comes a set of values. Ones that shape our day to day culture, define who we are, what we do, and how we push forward.


In a sector that’s growing faster than any other, it pays to always keep looking for better solutions to solve ever changing challenges.


It’s not just about caring. It's about understanding the value of what’s in front of us and how it affects our customers and end users.


Our eyes are constantly looking forward. Not just 10 years from now, but tomorrow as well. Short term wins mean long term success.


We’re collectors. We collect ideas and previous experiences. Ones that constantly challenge us to change the way we think.