Board of Directors

The Board of Directors hold exclusive authority under the company’s authorization matrix to approve matters of significance. The Board oversees that the company operations are in line with the strategic goals, ensures accounting and financial control and appoints the company’s CEO. The CEO is responsible for executing the company’s strategy and managing current matters in accordance with the instructions and regulations issued by the Board.

According to the company’s articles of association, the Board consists of 1-7 members. The annual general meeting will make the decision concerning the board members and their number. The Board will elect a chair from among its members during its term of office. The term of office of the board members will end at the end of the annual general meeting two years after the election, unless otherwise stated.

In addition, the Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee and a Compensation Committee.

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee consists of the following members: Didier Breton and Janne Huttunen.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee consists of the following members: Didier Breton and Xavier Giboin as an external advisor to the Audit Committee.

Didier Breton

Didier Breton

Chairman of the board

Janne Huttunen

Janne Huttunen

Chief Innovation Officer, Veterinary

Philippe Vimard

Member of the Board