Nordhealth is committed to supporting environmental values through its business. We aim to become a carbon-neutral company, primarily producing digital software. Our main products include practice management software and APIs for healthcare practitioners and clinics in the Veterinary and Therapy businesses. As a result, our digital products not only help in providing care, saving time, and growing our customers' businesses but also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and minimising waste.

In practice, one of our environmentally friendly initiatives is running services within cloud providers that have energy-efficient data centres. We utilise AWS infrastructure, which offers energy-efficient data centres that reduce customers' carbon footprint and are largely powered by renewable energy. Starting in 2023, Nordhealth has sold all of its unneeded IT hardware to the 3StepIT/ReStepIT service, giving it a new life instead of disposing of it as electronic waste. Additionally, our offices strive to be paperless, aligning with our goal of becoming a carbon-free company.

As a remote-first company, we prioritise environmental values and integrate sustainable practices into our operations and decision-making processes. To mitigate environmental risks and promote sustainability, we have established a WhistleBlower channel for internal and external communication of information or allegations.


We understand that talent comes from everywhere and anywhere. Currently, we have approximately 400 employees, referred to as Nordies, from over 20 countries, representing nearly 40 different nationalities. According to our latest report, the gender breakdown is 60% men, 39% women, and 1% individuals with other identities. As human rights responsibilities are multifaceted and linked to various business processes, we are committed to integrating human rights into our core operations and collaborating with third-party companies.

It is crucial for us to provide all employees with a respectful and safe workplace that embraces diversity. Nordies are encouraged to be their authentic selves. We believe that diversity acts as a catalyst for innovation, enabling us to develop better products for our customers. We are dedicated to building a company where Nordies engage in meaningful work to solve problems and create a better working environment through our practice management software. Furthermore, we strive to provide equal opportunities and development prospects to all employees.

We build transparency and accountability through OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), a goal-setting framework utilised at Nordhealth. OKRs help define and track our business objectives and their associated key results. By aligning teams and individuals with our organisation’s overall strategic goals, OKRs provide a clear roadmap for achieving desired outcomes. This alignment ensures that everyone understands how their work contributes to broader organisational objectives, fostering collaborative efforts within our Veterinary and Therapy business units. Regular reviews and reflections facilitate identifying areas for improvement and learning, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development.

Nordhealth Whistle Blow Guidelines

Nordhealth Group is following the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law. Nordhealth has opened the Whistle Blow channel to websites.

Nordhealth has a reporting channel through which you can report suspected misconduct. Read the instructions on this page carefully before submitting a report.

  • Please note that Customer feedback does not belong to the notification channel. You can send customer feedback to info@nordhealth.com.

What is the meaning of abuse?

  • Misuse or unethical activity can be actions or omissions resulting from carelessness or incompetence, intentional or even criminal. Suspicion of abuse can be directed at Nordhealth’s people, the work community or, for example, Nordhealth’s service production, procurement, contracts or decision-making.

How is the notification done?

  • The notification is made anonymously via the link below, or the notifier can leave their contact information in the information of the notification if they wish. The more detailed the notification, the better the suspected abuse can be investigated. After sending the notification, the screen will display the credentials that can be used to return to the notification. These credentials are displayed only once and cannot be returned.

How are notifications processed?

  • Notifications are processed by a WB Group appointed by Nordhealth. The group receives the notifications that come through the notification channel and takes the necessary follow-up actions as a result of the notification. Suspected abuse can be investigated in cooperation with the authorities or they can be transferred to the police for investigation.

  • The WB Group can leave the notification unprocessed if

    • The notification does not belong to the matters dealt with in this notification channel

    • The notification was not made in good faith or was made only with the intention of harming

    • There is not enough information in the notification to make it possible to process the case and obtain the necessary additional information from the notifier

    • The matter has been resolved before

    • The notification concerns information of a sensitive or personal nature

The notifier will be informed, no later than three months after receiving the notification, how the matter has been resolved and what measures will be implemented based on the notification.

The Whistle Blow channel supported by Navisec Whistleblow